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About Black Environment Network (BEN)

Black Environment Network (BEN) is the leader in the field of Ethnic Environmental Participation which it has created. Environmental agencies pledge to be open to everyone, but until BEN highlighted the issue, ethnic community environmental participation has not been on the agenda of the environmental sector. 

Many ethnic communities live in some of the worst environments. Environmental participation can enable them to access the vast resources available in the environmental movement. In the process they may be empowered through gaining essential skills in self-help, self-representation and self-improvement - the effects of which spread into areas of life far beyond environmental involvement. Involving ethnic communities in environmental participation also means bringing forward a vast missing contribution from a significant section of the community to engage in the preservation, protection, and development of the environment.

BEN works to stimulate ethnic groups to participate in sustainable development. Parallel to this we support mainstream environmental organisations to enable them to work effectively with ethnic groups. Our training programme is part of this strategy. There is still a significant gap of awareness and skills within the board, senior management and project personnel to shape appropriate policy and strategy necessary to successfully involve ethnic communities in programmes of activities and other relevant aspects of the organisation.

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